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4 tips on keeping your Poinsettia healthy throughout these holidays

4 Tips On keeping your Poinsettia healthy throughout these holidays

When December rolls around, it’s hard to find a flower that is more iconic than the Poinsettia. But after the holidays are over, you might be left with an expensive plant that needs care and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Poinsettia so you can enjoy it all year long!

If you’re looking for a plant that looks good and smells great, then the Poinsettia is just what your family needs.

The smell of this evergreen Verge grows all year round! It also happens to be one-of-a kind; no other plant can compare in terms or beauty either fragrance or size with these red leaves which come alive at night when lit up by lights outside on their wire frame stands… Christmas wouldn’t feel complete without its presence either so why not make sure every visitor has noticed before they leave by adding those gems to your home.

1. The right light for your Poinsettia

You can’t keep this plant healthy and beautiful if you don’t know what to do!
Poinsettia needs a lot of sunlight, like all plants. Make sure it gets enough natural light by setting up your home with windows that face east or west. But don’t forget to keep in mind that Poinsettias don’t like drafts!

2. How to water your Poinsettia

The best thing you can do to give this plant the love it deserves is water it often. You can also try misting the leaves with a spray bottle every couple days for extra hydration.  “It also helps when watering Poinsettias in the morning because night time temperatures might be too low for them otherwise,” said Ms Del Vescovo from school gardens unit.

3. Don't be shy - prune it. Your Poinsettia will thank you for it.

Pruning a poinsettia is the best way to keep it healthy and beautiful.
You should prune your plant after every month or two with light cuts so that you can remove any dead leaves without damaging new growth on top, which could lead into disfigurement if left unattended for too long in between trimming sessions!

To do this, cut away all of the old leaves and stems on an individual plant so that it has just one stem with three or more branches at its base appearing like a tree trunk running up through them from bottom to top in order for each leaf cluster along these sides be able; also remove any dried out looking brown petals which will fall off after being touched by bees during blooming season but before then you can use those if needed! When trimming vines make sure not too take off more than 1/4 inch (6 mm) total thicknesses above ground level.

4. My Poinsettia starts to look droopy...

Don’t be sad! Just take a few steps to give your poor little Poinsettia some tender loving care. Fill up an empty glass jar with water, and then add one tablespoon of organic fertilizer per cup (not more than three). Place it on top so that the bottom is just below where there’s soil–this will help keep moisture levels high for root growths

So that’s it! You now know everything you need to take care of your Poinsettia. Remember, water even if the plant doesn’t seem like it needs it and give them plenty of direct sunlight. If you’re looking for a new holiday decoration this year or want to give someone an early Christmas gift, look no further than these beautiful plants. They make great gifts because they are so easy to maintain and will last through all the holidays long after other decorations have died out. Plus, there is something special about giving people flowers as presents-it reminds us how much we love each other!  Even if your friend has everything, I’m sure they would appreciate a little tending from their favorite person in life – YOU! Why not give the gift of a charming Poinsettia for their home?

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